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Gold prices trim losses; RBI allows resident entities to hedge gold price in IFC’s OTC segment

On February 8, the undulations in gold prices found a nuanced rhythm as RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das unveiled a pivotal announcement. Resident entities, henceforth, find solace in the ability to hedge the mercurial dance of gold prices within the over-the-counter segment in the IFSC.

At precisely 1:40 pm, the dance floor of the market witnessed April 5 gold futures swaying at Rs 62,420, a subtle dip of 0.15 percent on the MCX.

Rewind to December 2022, and the Reserve Bank unfurled a canvas, granting resident entities the power to hedge their gold price risks within recognized exchanges in the IFSC. The latest decree, as articulated by the RBI, unfurls additional wings of flexibility for resident entities in navigating the tempestuous seas of gold price exposure.

This measure, a strategic maneuver, extends an inviting hand to entities, offering a shield against the capricious winds of price fluctuations and adverse currency meanderings, elucidates Colin Shah, MD of Kama Jewelry.

Within the domestic market’s labyrinth, the dance of gold prices often follows the lead of international market prices and the whims of the rupee’s choreography, notes Bhavik Patel, a sagacious senior commodities analyst at Tradebulls Securities. Traditionally, investors waltzed through the futures market on domestic commodity exchanges to hedge their positions.

Enter a new cadence. The landscape now unfolds with more hues, granting retailers and institutes the liberty to deftly hedge their positions beyond the confines of commodity exchanges and temporal restrictions, Patel adds with a discerning gaze.

The beneficiaries of this symphony? Jewelers and importers, both finding harmony in this orchestrated move. Jewelers, in their quest for gold bars from banks and agencies, grapple with the passage of time. Deliveries, a saga spanning days, witness the undulating tides of gold prices, a precarious ballet for the buyer. Nirpendra Yadav, Senior Commodity Research Analyst at Swastika Investmart, sheds light on the metamorphosis, where physical buyers can now embrace the realm of OTC and short-term futures, donning the cloak of hedge protection.

The reverberations of hedging gold prices ripple through the waters of efficient price discovery, the assurance of quality, and the vibrant participation of retail players, paints Yadav. The brushstrokes of this strategic masterpiece extend their canvas, offering direct benefits to gold importers, jewelers, and retailers alike.

Turning the gaze towards the crystal ball of analysis, seers predict a positive trajectory for gold prices. Geopolitical constellations cast a supportive glow, and the anticipated commencement of interest rate cuts by the US Fed in the upcoming year may orchestrate a crescendo in gold prices. A dovish monetary policy, the golden symphony of support for gold prices.

On the flip side, the World Gold Council paints a canvas where the hues of gold demand in India for 2024 outshine the past, affirming a robust pillar for gold prices at lower altitudes. The electronic industry, a protagonist in this tale, continues to script chapters of increased gold and silver consumption, thus maintaining the crescendo of prices. A disclaimer echoes, advising seekers of financial wisdom to consult certified experts before waltzing into the realm of investment decisions.