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Gold prices recover as softer dollar lifts appealGold prices recover as softer dollar lifts appeal

the auriferous market experienced a resurgence, propelled skyward by the gentler demeanor of the American currency. This golden revival unfolded as the precious metal sought redemption, convalescing from a recent downturn triggered by fervent U.S. inflation figures, a development that tempered expectations of premature interest rate adjustments by the esteemed Federal Reserve.


  • The manifestation of precious metal, identified as spot gold, demonstrated a 0.2% elevation, reaching the summit at $2,017.77 per ounce, as per the 0050 GMT observation. The lustrous commodity witnessed a 0.5% diminution in the preceding week.
  • The trajectory of U.S. gold futures exhibited an incremental ascent of 0.3%, attaining a zenith at $2,029.80 per ounce.
  • The dollar index denoted as DXY, underwent a marginal 0.1% depreciation, rendering bullion priced in greenbacks more economically accessible to international purchasers.
  • In the bygone week, the noble metal descended to a nadir unseen in two moons, propelled downward by revelations that consumer prices outpaced expectations in the antecedent month. However, it managed to convalesce from its setbacks as U.S. retail sales experienced a more pronounced decline than anticipated in January.
  • The President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Raphael Bostic, expressed a need for additional data to convincingly affirm a decline in inflationary pressures. Nevertheless, he remained receptive to the prospect of lowering rates within the forthcoming months.
  • Austan Goolsbee, President of the Chicago Fed, issued a caution against procrastinating rate reductions, even in the wake of data signaling an unforeseen surge in consumer prices during January.
  • Market participants recalibrated their anticipations of an imminent U.S. interest rate cut, pushing the timeline from March to June. Presently, market dynamics project a 77% likelihood of a rate cut transpiring in June, as per the CME Fed Watch Tool.
  • The majority of U.S. markets will remain shuttered on Monday in observance of the President’s Day holiday.
  • Spot platinum symbolized as PL1!, sustained a 0.2% regression, settling at $904.27 per ounce, while palladium, represented as XPDUSD1!, experienced a 1.2% ascent, reaching $960.76. In parallel, silver denoted as XAGUSD1!, recorded a 0.2% descent, culminating at $23.35 per ounce.