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Gold gains as dollar slips; traders await clues on Fed rate cuts

Gold gains as dollar slips; traders await clues on Fed rate cuts

gold ascends while the dollar experiences a decline; traders eagerly anticipate insights into potential Federal Reserve rate adjustments.

  • A quintet of Federal Reserve representatives is slated to address the public this week.
  • Traders factor in a 69% likelihood of a rate reduction in May.

On Wednesday, gold prices demonstrated an upward shift owing to a modest retreat in the dollar. Simultaneously, investors eagerly awaited perspectives from Federal Reserve authorities that might unveil indications regarding the trajectory of interest rates throughout the current year.

The value of spot gold experienced a marginal uptick of 0.1%, reaching $2,036.99 per ounce, as of 1016 ET (1516 GMT). Correspondingly, U.S. gold futures also registered a slight uptick of 0.1%, settling at $2,053.10 per ounce.

The dollar exhibited a 0.2% descent against its counterparts, rendering gold more affordable for holders of alternative currencies.

Phillip Streible, Chief Market Strategist at Blue Line Futures in Chicago, remarked, “Gold remained anchored as uncertainty loomed regarding the timing of potential Fed rate cuts.”

Investor attention is currently fixated on forthcoming remarks from Federal Reserve officials scheduled to articulate their perspectives this week. The focus is expected to shift in the subsequent week towards an inflation report, offering additional insights into the potential timing of rate adjustments.

Despite comments from Federal Reserve Presidents Loretta Mester and Neel Kashkari suggesting that the U.S. economy’s anticipated performance might pave the way for rate cuts, the battle against inflation persists.

The outlook on U.S. rate adjustments remains ambiguous, even as Federal Reserve Presidents Mester and Kashkari hint at the possibility of rate cuts if the U.S. economy adheres to expectations. However, they caution that the struggle against inflation is far from concluded.

Robust U.S. economic data coupled with assertive statements from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell have dashed hopes for a rate cut in March. This has prompted traders to scale back on their expectations of a U.S. rate cut transpiring in May.

According to the CME Fed Watch Tool, traders presently estimate a 69% likelihood of a U.S. rate cut transpiring in May. Lower interest rates traditionally provide a boost to non-interest-bearing bullion.

Jim Wyckoff, Senior Analyst at Kitco Metals, asserted, “Elevated geopolitical tensions will act as a stabilizing force, maintaining prices above the $2,000 threshold.”

The valuation of spot silver observed a 0.5% decline, settling at $22.30 per ounce, while palladium experienced a 3% dip, landing at $921.86. Additionally, platinum encountered a 2.4% decrease, reaching $881.71.