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Gold Falls for a Third Day as Price Correction from Record High Continues

The value of amber experienced a decline in the early hours of Wednesday, marking the third consecutive decrease as an adjustment unfolds subsequent to the pinnacle achieved on Friday.

Amber designated for delivery in June was recently observed to have descended by US$7.80, now standing at US$2,334.30 for each unit.

This decrease coincides with an adjustment phase, as the impetus for purchase diminishes following the metal’s peak of US$2,413.80 per unit at the conclusion of the previous week.

“Amber…is currently undergoing consolidation after garnering interest around $2300,” remarked Saxo Bank. “The ongoing adjustment has been long anticipated and will serve as a trial of its resilience and the robustness of underlying demand.”

The decline witnessed on Wednesday persists despite a depreciating dollar, rendering amber more accessible for international purchasers. The ICE dollar index was last observed to have dropped by 0.23 points, resting at 105.91.

Nevertheless, returns on treasury bonds escalated, unfavorable for amber as it does not yield interest. The yield on the US two-year bond was recently noted to have risen by 4.4 basis points, reaching 4.952%, while the ten-year bond was offering returns of 4.651%, up by 4.5 basis points.